The 21 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Boys in 2021!

I think moms know that the terrible twos might be a little overhyped, the terrible threes… (now that’s a different story). If you are looking for a gift for your sweet two year old we have a list for you. We pulled together a list of some of the best toys for 2 year old boys and toys that even us moms approve of.

You are going to want to find something that helps them in their development yet is still super fun. Our Rookie Mom Squad found over 30 great options for 2 year old boy toys. 

The Best Gifts for Your 2 Year Old Boy

The Best Gifts for Your 2 Year Old Boy – Development Toys

Toys are for fun, obviously, but they are also a big part of how your little one learns and develops new skills. Below are some toys that promote development! 

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys AquaDoodle - Draw N Doodle - Classic Mat

Let their creativity run wild without all the mess with one of the best toys for 2-year old boys. It comes with two pens, that only work on the mat so they won’t ruin anything. The size of this mat is awesome and will give your toddler plenty of room to make a masterpiece. Check current prices here!

Magnetic Blocks Perfect for Toddlers.

Magnetic Blocks are the new craze when it comes to building block toys. Coincidentally, they are one of my absolute favorite toys for my 2 year old. I love it because not only does it entertain the little guy for quite a while, all my kids enjoy playing with them.

Even I find myself sitting down with my little one for a long time playing these magnetic blocks. Ther are a ton of fun.

In addition, it is a great way to teach your little one about shapes and colors. Check Current Prices Here!

Check out All of our Best of Products for Mom,Baby and Toddler Here!

Stomp Rocket

There are a lot of stomp rockets on the market and after numerous tests, this is by far the best one. This rocket can launch up to 100 feet (with the help of dad) but still can give a good launch with your little one.

There is just something so cute about watching the joy on a little kids’ face as the rocket soars in the air. The stomp rocket makes a great gift for the little boy in your life.

Holiday Giveaway Banner

As a mom of 5, I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually recommend this toy, in fact it is one of the most used toys in the household. First off, I was very skeptical of such a device roaming through my house let alone putting my child in it.

There are honestly endless laughs with these bumper cars. They have a rubber outside, so they don’t scuff up any walls and a seatbelt so that your child is safely inside the vehicle. There is even a remote control, so if your child can’t grasp the controls, which they will in no time, you can be the driver and just wheel them around.

CAT Digger

great toys for 2 year olds

This CAT Digger is a great toy for those who have a kid who loves to play in the sand or loves to build. You can use it as a stand-alone toy or they can ride on the back and scoop up with the giant claw.

KidKraft Everyday Heroes

KidKraft Everyday Heroes

There are 3 floors & 12 rooms of open space fun with a fire truck, motorcycle & helicopter. What is great for mom is it folds up nice and easily for storage.

Our two year olds loved this imaginative play toy especially the Firefighter’s pole for sliding from the top floor to the bottom

Just Smarty Electronic Interactive Alphabet Wall Chart

talking toys for 2 year olds

This is a great toy for helping your little one start learning his ABC’s and 123’s. I bought this poster for my boys 3 and 1.5 years old. They love it. The Baby loves listening songs and the toddler loves playing the games. Check out the over 4,000 reviews on this great educational toy.

best toy for 2 year old boy

This is definitely a classic (as in Grandpa probably even had a set when he was little), but that doesn’t mean your little one won’t absolutely love it. Nothing is wrong with tried and true. Your little architect can build castles, towers, and anything else they can imagine. Check current prices here!

TOP LEARNING TOY for 2 Year Olds

toys for 2 years old boy

This friendly robot with chunky wheels, a 360° turn, and over 60 facial expressions. You press the light-up buttons on his head to get him to play fun educational games or dance. Keep in mind, it requires 4C batteries.

This is why it’s one of the most preferred choices- A lot of robot toys are best suited for older kids but not Movi! In fact, his color co-ordinate games and fun sing-songs are ideal for younger ones. He’s quick on his feet, too. Moreover, it’s excellent for getting tots off their bums and running around.

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys LeapFrog My Own Leaptop

Parenting Choice Learning Toy!

Leapfrog is one of my favorite brands because they make teaching my kiddos the basics like letters and numbers. With all the buttons and different noises this little play laptop can make, your child will have so much fun. In fact, they won’t even realize they are actually learning something.

great toy for toddlers

This adorable rainbow stacking toy is a great way to increase your toddler’s hand-eye coordination. You can check out this handmade toy on Etsy.

Color Shape Matching Set

You may be wondering how a set of eggs can possibly be something that will educate and entertain your little one. Well, these actually encourage hand-eye coordination and recognition skills, help preschoolers count, sort AND match! They are frequently used in Montessori preschools, too.

Lincoln Logs

Lincoln Logs - Great gift for two year olds

After 100 years, the classic Lincoln Logs are still a good gift. Why? Because you will find you and your little one lying on the ground for hours building different structures. We always get a set of animal farm figurines to go along with it and create barns.

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

This is one of the best 2 year old boys because we live in this world driven by technology! Any head start in that department is great for your child.

This toy is supposed to help teach the fundamentals of coding and with its bright lights and fun colors, your two year old will think it’s just all fun and games. Check current prices here!

The best gifts for 2 year old boys are interactive, bright toys that aid their development! Here are some more of our favorites. 

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys VTech Smart Shots Sports Center

Nothing is more exciting than scoring a goal! This is a great toy for any sporty kiddo with basketball and soccer all in one. It even keeps score, which helps your little one learn numbers, and cheers for them when they are doing well. Check current prices here!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Melissa & Doug Magnetic Car Loader Wooden Toy Set With 4 Cars and 1 Semi-Trailer Truck

Little boys love playing with cars, which is why this item is included in our best toys for 2 year old boy article. I am 99% sure it’s so they can constantly make a vroom-vroom noise to the point that they are driving you crazy! This little set comes with a wooden semi-truck to be loaded onto via magnet, which I know my toddlers would have gotten a huge kick out of.

toys for 2 years old boy

This adorable ice cream cart is a new addition to our best toys for 2 year old boys. Our boys loved serving up ice cream when they were little. With the Leapfrog scoop and learn, the magic scooper scoops up the ice cream and toppings to create tasty-looking combinations while introducing your child to colors and flavors.

The toy will help them practice counting to ten, teach them about flavors, and also have fun music they’ll enjoy. Check it out here!

VTech KidiBeats Drum Set

toys for 2 year old boy birthday

I know you have probably teased someone about buying their child a musical instrument, well here is your chance! This little drum set will have any toddler rocking out in style. Check it out here!

best gift for 2 year old boy

Amazon has recently come out with a great gift for parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles to give to the little one in their life. It is a subscription service which chooses up to 3 books for you to read your little one.

They are all organized based on your child’s age and you can choose how often you want the box distributed, once a month or 2 months or even 3 months. If there is a book you don’t like or already have, you can choose to have another book shipped instead. Yes, this might not be a toy, but it is a great gift for kids.

Prices are about $19.99 a box

best toys for two year olds awards

I swear this is actually for your two year old. I am not just recommending it because of how ridiculously cute I think it is. It can go with you inside or outside for whatever adventure is calling.

I just love the idea of reading books inside this teepee or letting their imagination run wild. Check current prices here!

toys for 2 year old boys

Best Energy-Burning Toy for 1-2 Year Old Boy

This toy was a life saver for us with our 2nd boy. He was a toddler with way too much energy? It’s especially nice for cold or rainy days when you don’t get the chance to go outside and your toddler has extra energy to burn. Check current prices here!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

This is another toy that’s perfect for indoor or outdoor fun. It comes with a basketball made perfect for toddler hands, and the hoop can adjust as your kiddo grows. Check current prices here!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys All-in-1 Retro Kitchen

I wish I would have had this for my kids! It’s a play stove, oven, and refrigerator with precious little accessories so you’re little guy can become a little chef. Check current prices here!

Best Bath Toys for Two Year Old Boys

No list for toys for 2 year old boys would be complete without a bath toy! Little ones have a knack for getting dirty, so having some bath toys is essential to coax them into getting clean.

Here are some of our favorite bath toys to make bath time fun.

Nuby Floating Purple Octopus with 3 Hoopla Rings Interactive Bath Toy - Award winner best toy for two year olds

Best Toy for 2-year-olds under $10

Think Ring toss in a bath and you’ve got the Nuby Floating Purple Octopus Interactive Bath Toy. This might be the best toy we have tried in 2021 as it makes bath time so much more fun with rambunctious 2 year olds.

The octopus is BPA free for those kiddos who love to put everything in their mouth. My favorite part, is the toy is under $10, so it is super fun and super affordable.

Refasy Water Spray Bathtub Toy

Best Bath Toys for Two Year Olds

This is a super-fun addition to your boy’s bath time routine! The Refasy Water Spray Bathtub Toy is a 2-in-1, acting as both an induction water sprayer and a UFO car toy. It lights up, plays music and can drive freely on land.

It’s colorful and eye-catching, and a great way to entice your little one to stay in the tub a bit longer if he’s the “quick dip” type. As a bonus, it can also be used in the swimming pool. Check Current Prices Here!

Best Bath toys for 2 year olds

The set comes with 4 boats, making these great toys for a 2 year old boy birthday gift!

Made with bpa free, non-toxic materials, this fun, colorful playset comes with four boats that float. Each boat has safely enclosed magnets that attach to the next boat in line with numbers 1 2 3 and 4.

Best Gifts for the 2 Year Old who loves exploring Outside

Have a little one who loves to be outside. We have some of the best toys for two year old boys who love to explore the great outdoors.

toys for 2 year old boy birthday

Little ones love playing in the water and giving them an actual toy to do that with might just keep them out of your toilet and sinks. There are tons of different little activities to do on this table. Plus, you can set it inside or outside depending on the weather!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Radio Flyer Red Rider Trike

Look no further for the best toy for 2 year old boys! Get them started early on the whole bike riding thing with this adorable trike. It will keep them balanced and safe in the comfy seat with a back. Check current prices here!

If you have some adventurous little tikes running through your household who love to explore little creatures then this is a great gift. This outdoor bug kit lets your two year old go out on an exploration and find toy bugs or real ones.

Everything in here truly works, the binoculars are adjustable and you will find the binoculars one of the most used parts of this toy. Our little guy loved using these on our hikes and discovering everything from colorful leaves to tiny insects. This present can be good for kids up to 6 years of age in our opinion.

Sand Truck

There is just something about dump trucks that little ones love! This Green Toys Dump Truck is perfect for little ones since it is BPA and phthalates free. Plus, this is a toy that will help with their fine motor skills development. All you need to do is find a sandbox!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Strider - 12 Sport Balance Bike, Ages 18 Months to 5 Years

For those who want to get started on the whole bike thing but their two year old wants to be like the big kids, this is the perfect item for you. It looks like a normal bike minus the pedals because it’s made for your toddler to walk along with. Don’t forget a helmet though! You know your daring little one might just try to lift his feet up. Check current prices here!

Lydaz Bubble Mower

Bubble Mower for 2 year olds

This one is a favorite among the two-year-old set, and with good reason! Not only can your little guy pretend to help with outdoor chores, but he can get exercise and enjoy bubbles at the same time!

You’ll be amazed at how long he’ll play with this Bubble Mower, and it comes equipped with three bubble solutions so you won’t have to buy them separately. Check Current Prices Here!

Playskool Sit ‘n Spin

Sit n Spin Toy

Wow, this toy will bring back lots of memories! A classic of the 1980’s, kids are still enjoying this simple yet fun toy today. Besides being great for giggles, the Sit ‘n Spin helps toddlers practice skills like balance, coordination and gross motor skills.

It can be used inside or outside as long as it’s on a flat surface, and your little guy will get a kick out of being strong enough to spin himself. Check Current Prices Here! 

Kid's Golf Set

Start them early! Your 2 year old might not be ready for the golf course quite yet, but they will surely get a kick out of having their own little set. It is cute and really easy to set up and clean up.

It comes with everything you need; clubs, flags, balls, and a “golf bag”. Whether you are mom and dad, grandma, or just a good friend searching for the perfect gift for your little guy, he is sure to love this set! 

Best Toys for Two Year Olds Award Winners

Now that we’ve talked about the best 2 year old boy toys for birthdays and development, let’s chat about great toy options that can serve as rewards. There’s nothing wrong with a little incentive for reaching big milestones like being potty trained! 

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys 3 Bees and Me Dinosaur Toys for Boys and Girls

These little dinosaurs have wheels on their feet! How cool is that? Two year olds love being able to push things around on wheels and it’s nice for it to be something other than a car every once in a while. Check current prices here!

fun toys for 2 year old boys

My oldest son’s absolute favorite toy as a toddler was this little vacuum he could push around. I’d say it’s because he wanted to be just like his mama, but let’s get real when he was two and I had a newborn…

I couldn’t even tell you where our real vacuum was. Anyways, your little dude might want a laundry. Who knows? It’s undeniably an adorable set.

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Janod Super Rocket Magnet Kit

Do you have a kid who likes to put things together just to take them apart and put them back together again? This little rocket will make that a piece of cake. Plus it’s honestly the cutest little rocket that I’m sure they will love to play with even when it’s all put together.

Best toys for 2 year olds

This makes our best toy for 2 year old boy list because it is a fun way to help your little one learn to spell his name. A great way to introduce letters and their sounds to your toddler is with their own name. You can order one of these puzzles to do just that! Check current prices here!

Toys for 2 Year Old Boys Mega Bloks First Builders Big Building Bag

Bring it back to the basics. Your toddler will be entertained with these blocks long enough for you to get at least one thing done. Just make sure they’re all picked up during clean up time so no one accidentally steps on one.

LeapFrog Builders

My daughter and nephew both love this toy, and I love that they are enjoying learning. You can check out our detailed review of the Fruit Fun Elephant here!

best toys for two year olds awards

Bring out the little artist in your child with this glowing doodle board. This is a great sensory toy that allows your child to really express themself. Best of all, this toy is mess-free, making it the best gift for a 2 year old boy (and mom & dad!). Check it out here!

whack a frog game

Our two year olds loved the whack a frog game, especially when two players get involved. The game comes with two hammers so the kids can try to knock as many frogs as possible.

It’s also great as a way to help your kids with fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and it will provide plenty of giggles.

toys for 2 year old boy birthday

All little boys are different, obviously, but when it comes to my nephew he can never have too many cars. He loves his carrier set because it is like having multiple toys in one. It lets him stack cars on top and inside, which allows for motor skill development and imaginative play.

Woody & Buzz Train

Toy Story is a timeless classic, but little ones today still love it! This toy has the best of both worlds with building block elements and a train set. The Woody and Buzz figurines that come along with the set are perfect for pretend play!

fun toys for 2 year old boys

You really can’t go wrong with tacos! I remember my two year olds whipping up meals for me in their play kitchen frequently. I love that these tacos are so easy for little hands to make and that there are 43 pieces!


Baby shark and play-doh combined into one; it’s every 2 year old’s dream come true! This toy is recommended for 3 and up, but as long as you are right there with them it should be fine for 2 year olds as well. It comes with 21 play-doh tools meaning you can create the whole shark family and 12 cans of play-doh.

Pretend Light-Up Vacuum

Role play is one of the best ways for kids to learn, and your little guy has surely seen you vacuuming the floors from time to time. Now, he can mimic you and “help” with chores using his very own pretend vacuum.

It has a removable bag to make it seem even more real, plus a clicking button, knobs and wheels. It also comes with sounds that simulate a real vacuum, meaning he’ll get to feel independent and accomplished as he practices keeping the house clean and tidy. Check Out Current Prices Here!

Playskool Learn-to-Dress Activity Doll

pretend doll

At age 2, your boy is getting more independent every day – so why not build his confidence with a plush friend to help him learn to dress himself?

This Playskool Activity Doll teaches kids to zip, tie, button, buckle and more. It also comes with a handy attachment ring so it can be clipped to a stroller, carseat, backpack or gym bag. Bonus: it’s machine washable for those inevitable spills!

Skoolzy Pegboard Toddler Stacking Toys

toddler stacking toys

Technically, this is a Montessori educational manipulative. To your 2-year-old boy, however, it’s hours of stacking fun while he practices his pincer grip and improves dexterity. The Skoolzy Pegboard comes with 38 pieces in different shapes and colors, plus a handy storage bag.

The pegs are large enough that little fingers can easily handle them, but small enough to still provide tactile challenges. This set can also be used for color or shape sorting, or to practice making patterns, meaning it can grow with your child.

Prehistoric Dinosaur Lunchbox Playset

best toys for toddlers

Does your 2-year-old like to pretend he’s going to school like the big kids? If so, this lunchbox playset is the perfect gift! It comes with a pretend assortment of classic lunchbox foods, and they are all made from natural wood and finished with non-toxic, water-based paints.

Since the selection of foods includes fruits and veggies, it can also help to encourage him to eat healthy foods. He can pack his lunch and snacks and imagine heading off to school, or you can use the colorful dinosaur lunchbox itself to pack a real lunch for daycare or grandma’s house.

Dreampark Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set

best puzzles for toddlers

At age 2, puzzles can have a truly profound impact on your little guy’s brain development. In addition to practicing shapes and pattern recognition, this set of six puzzles also teaches your boy problem solving skills he’ll use often later in life.

These cute and colorful animals look friendly, rather than overwhelming to a young mind just learning puzzle skills, and the pieces are small enough to feel comfortable in little hands. Check Current Prices Here!

Plush Creations Barn Friends Farm House

Kids are picking up new language skills every day by the age of two, and this adorable Barn Friends Farm House features four animals that talk and make sounds your child can mimic.

Easily operated with a simple hug or squeeze, each animal fits nicely in a child’s hand, making this a frustration-free toy. Since the animals are plush, you can even use this toy to make naptime a learning environment, with your little guy resting sweetly with his new-found barn friends.

Eric Carle’s ‘Hear Bear Roar’ Play-a-Sound Book 

books for two year olds

A book featuring Eric Carle’s beautiful illustrations is gift enough for a child, but this book also plays 30 animal sounds at the touch of a button. Easily operated by little fingers, Hear Bear Roar takes your 2-year old on an interactive adventure filled with colors and sounds.

The storytelling and imagery are great for developing his creativity and imagination, and pushing the sound buttons helps to build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. You truly can’t go wrong with this gorgeously illustrated interactive story.

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Pin for later: Best Toys for 2 Year Old Boys in 2021

If you are looking for a gift for your sweet two year old we have a list for you. We pulled together a list of some of the best toys for 2 year old boys and toys that even us moms approve of. You are going to want to find something that helps them in their development yet is still super fun. Our Rookie Mom Squad found over 30 great options for 2 year old boy toys.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gift for 2 year old boy?

What toys should my 2 year old have?

The best toys for 2-year-olds help them in their development by having some educational elements yet are still super fun and can keep their attention.

What is the best educational toy for a 2 year old?

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